Pace Program

100% Financing Through PACE

Finance your new roof, impact windows, or impact doors with the help of the PACE program from the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy!

What Is PACE?
Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing is a program that allows eligible homeowners to finance certain energy saving home improvement projects.

The cost of the projects are added to your property tax bill and you have 10-30 years to pay it off, depending on the terms of your financing.

Benefits Of PACE Financing
Qualified borrowers enjoy $0 down and no credit check.

PACE financing is not a “loan.” Instead, the cost of the project is added to your property tax bill as an “assessment” and secured by the property itself. Because loan repayments attached to a tax bill are higher security, therefore a lower risk to lenders, most homeowners enjoy low, fixed interest rates.

Due to the longer repayment terms – up to 30 years – PACE makes large, expensive home improvement projects more affordable for homeowners. This allows more homeowners to add storm-hardening features that protect their home and promotes energy efficiency. And, energy saving home improvement projects may lower utility bills, offsetting the property tax assessment.

Because the debt is attached to the property – not an individual – it transfers to new owners if the home is sold. This is a great motivator for homeowners worried about investing in energy efficient upgrades because they’re not sure how long they will stay in the home.

Are You Eligible For PACE?
PACE financing is primarily based on the amount of equity you have in your home and your mortgage payment history. While your credit score is not a factor, the lender will look at debt and income to determine your ability to repay the assessment.

How To Apply For PACE Financing
PACE financing is only available through an approved PACE contractor. AGI Windows & Doors is an approved, YGrene Elite Contractor and partner of Finance of America Home Improvement. PACE financing from these lenders come with more favorable terms than traditional banks can offer:

  • No down payment
  • Low interest rates
  • Approval not based on credit score
  • Fixed rates
  • Up to 30 years to repay
  • Up to 30 months before first payment is due

Apply online now and see if you qualify for PACE financing!

A smarter way to pay

With 100% no money down financing, Ygrene makes it possible to start your home improvement projects right away. And upgrading to a new roof, impact windows and doors has its perks — like possibly lowering your utility bills or insurance premiums.

Low monthly payments
Enjoy fixed rates and extended terms up to 30 years.
Pay $0 until March 20231
Keep your hard-earned cash.
Approvals not based on credit score
Based primarily on home equity.