Our Story

Aurum Gavia SA was founded in 2005 in a small town in Switzerland.
With a dedication to professionalism, precision and punctuality that distinguishes the Swiss style, we have become one of the largest dealers of aluminum profiles.
Over the years we have increasingly invested in new ways of working and today we can boast customers in most of Europe. In 2021 we merge with highly recommend south Floridian company, to open our first location in Orlando.

We merge in recent years with 2 Turkish company that have a specific production plant for the Asian market. This is because we have contracts with the largest Asian company.
Furthermore, thanks to this union between us and Turkey, it has led us to excellent result such as the supply of aluminum facades in skyscrapers in New York city.

Our CEO is always looking for new challenges, and so we have launched into the American market where the highest Swiss production is appreciated.
Our first office opened in Orlando FL with the aim of further expansion.
We hope that the aid of American support can help lead us to further expanding our presence in the US, and always with the essence of Swiss style that defines us.

Our mission is to make your home more beautiful and keep your family protected with our impact windows and doors.