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Can Hurricane Impact Window Secure Your Longwood FL Home? 

We all associate our house as our safe place. Once we lock the windows and close the door, we feel safe as we’ve shut ourselves off from the world, chill and relax, ready to welcome a new day. 

But, would you still feel safe knowing that:

There can be easy access to your Orange County home. 40% of burglars gain access to Longwood homes through unsecured regular windows and doors. 

Fortunately, it can be curtailed, as there are essential things that we, as Florida residents, can do to protect ourselves and those closest to us while at home.

Most intending impact window buyers always ask; 

Can a hurricane impact window secure your Longwood FL home? 

Yes. A hurricane impact window can secure your home due to its protective value. It is better than other hurricane protections and built to stand the test of time. While a hurricane impact window cannot prevent hurricanes, it can provide a high level of wind resistance. 

In Longwood, the lack of security puts you at the risk of being burgled. We’ll outline some security tips to help you keep your Orange County FL home safe. It is beneficial to everyone and more beneficial if: 

  • You are living alone or two in a house but constantly absent at home due to work
  • You are scared of staying out late in Longwood or not safe in the night
  • Your Longwood house is located in a street where crimes have been reported before. 
  • You are on a low budget, remodeling your home, and looking for cost-effective ways to secure your Longwood home.
  • You live with kids (and you are the only adult e.g single parent)
  • You are above 50 years old and live alone 

But before you install a hurricane impact window, There are less extreme things you can do to keep your Longwood home secure.

  • Make Your Front Door More Secure

The front of your Longwood FL house tells a lot about your home. Your exterior furnishings may be drawing the wrong kind of attention, especially your doors. 

The regular doors in some Florida houses are fitted with an ineffective locking mechanism. Some feature a poor-quality installation, which is usually done by incompetent handymen. When your house comprises a door built with low-quality materials, it is accessible to burglars. 

Impact front doors provide high protection whilst not compromising on personal style. The ones from AGI Windows & Doors are strong and sturdy, we also have skilled and licensed craftsmen to install them. Our projects don’t only have aesthetic value, they provide security to your home. 

  • Install Locking Devices

In Longwood, smart locks are helpful lock devices to some residents. It was manufactured to toss out the use of regular old keys. 

Smart lock works through the internet connection using mobile apps and wifi. You can use your phone to control and operate a smart lock system on your door. It can only be unlocked using fingerprints recognition or a preset entry code you set it with. 

If a burglar attempts to break into your house, the smart lock will alert you. If alarms are enabled, neighbors may be aware, and this will scare the intruder away. 

  • For Regular Windows

Most regular window frames are molded or affixed to the wall and can be easily detached using the right equipment.

Solidifying the window frame to the wall pillar with screws will help secure regular windows to avoid burglars. 

Understanding the best front security mechanism will depend on personal preference and the type of front window you have. 

But you can’t go wrong with a hurricane impact window.

 At AGI Windows & Doors, we specially treat each of our customers’ homes as if they were our own. All of our products and installations are top-notch, we offer high-quality hurricane impact windows in Longwood FL. 

Our guide covers how Longwood impact windows will help secure your home

A front hurricane impact window is the first barrier between yourself and your environment. A hurricane impact window is a vital defense guard from bad people who want to waltz into your Orange County FL home. 

Do you know that a locked door or window is not safe? However, there are numerous designs of Longwood impact windows you can install in your Florida home. A hurricane impact window can be fitted into your home to ensure good security and safety. 

  • Get a Hurricane Impact Window for the Front Windows in Your Longwood House

If your front windows are not high-quality Longwood impact windows, you need to consider a replacement or calling an expert to have it looked at. To ensure that they are as secure as possible, the best thing to do is get a hurricane impact window. And, make sure the installation is handled by a Longwood impact windows expert. 

You can call 407-813-3337 to schedule a free in-home consultation. Our AGI Windows & Doors craftsmen are trained and licensed to provide expert hurricane impact window installation. 

Back Windows

If access to the back of your house is relatively unsecured, then it’s important to ensure that your back window is up to the challenge of keeping burglars out.

In Longwood FL, back windows are one of the most common ways to break into a home and this is because they are often a loose target. 

Our highly-rated hurricane impact windows are built to last and made to enhance your home’s character and style.

For Patio Windows

For the most part, sliding windows leading onto a patio already feature a multi-lock mechanism. 

The installation process of patio windows makes it easy for intruders to enter. All you need to do is raise the windows from the runner using a crowbar. This is the reason why burglars are reverse-engineering the process.

Most sliding windows have a dual screw that is shut in between two main panes. These can be quite uneasy to lock sometimes, so many Florida residents choose to leave it unlocked. However, Sticking in one long-throw bolt at the bottom and the tip of the opening part of the sliding windows will work as well.

It is advisable to install extra locks if your house windows don’t have them. You can get an expert to handle it. 

Judging from the above, patio windows are easy to lift off the tracks, making your Longwood house porous. Also, if it can be easily lifted further than a quarter of an inch, then it might be worth investing in a hurricane impact window. 

Hurricane impact windows are quite popular in Longwood due to their aesthetic appeal. In some cases, you do not need to fit multiple locking systems for additional security. 

Whether you choose to install a new window (maybe a hurricane impact window) or upgrade the old windows, it is pertinent to choose a reliable and trustworthy installer in Orange County. 

At AGI Windows & Doors, we are focused on delivering high-quality service and installing the highest top rates Longwood impact windows.

Let AGI Windows & Doors Improve Your Home Security 

If you want to ensure that your Longwood FL home is safe from intruders, the best solution is to call an expert. Here at AGI Windows & Doors, we treat your home like our own. Our skilled craftsmen always pay meticulous attention to details, we value our customers’ desires. Whether you want to install a Longwood impact window, door, or even fix a broken window, we’ve got you covered. Don’t live in an unsafe house, call 407-813-3337 for a free in-house consultation today.

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