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How to Choose the Best Roofers near Fruitland Park, FL

Is your roof damaged? Or are you looking to sell your home but want to increase your property value first by replacing your roof? If you are in Lake county or surrounding areas, stop searching for “roofers near me” and turn to AGI Windows & Doors. AGI Windows & Doors is a trusted home improvement and roofing company that can help serve all your roofing needs. AGI Windows & Doors is located in Fruitland Park, FL. We pride ourselves on our elite and well-trained contractors and our high-quality materials. AGI Windows & Doors is a roofer near you on a mission to make your home more beautiful and keep your family protected.

AGI Windows & Doors was founded in Switzerland in 2005. Over the years, our company has partnered with other businesses abroad to become one of the largest dealers of aluminum profiles. This level of dedication and professionalism allowed us to plant our roots in Fruitland Park, FL. Our company instills hard work and commitment into all our employees, and they are trained to treat every home as their own. Our skilled roofers will ensure your roof is built to last while enhancing your home’s character and style. 

Why Should Anyone in Lake County Hire AGI Windows & Doors?

At AGI Windows & Doors, we understand that you do not want to spend extra time and effort researching the best roofers near you. Fruitland Park has much to offer, and you have better things to do than researching roofing companies in the Fruitland Park area. We want to alleviate the stress of wondering if you need a roof replacement and who to turn to if you do, so follow these tips and give us a call at 407-813-3337 if they sound familiar. 

If you have noticed sagging, leaking, missing shingles or tiles, or the growth of moss or algae on your roof, it might be time for a roof replacement or improvement. Perhaps you haven’t noticed any of these damages, but you recognize that your neighbors are having their roofs replaced, take this as a sign that your replacement is coming soon. Most housing communities are built around the same time, so if your neighbors are taking the step to update their roof, it may be time to get a free estimate from AGI Windows & Doors. Also, keep in mind that warmer climates, like the one in Florida, harm your roofing materials. On average, roofs need to be replaced every 12 to 25 years, but this may come sooner rather than later in Fruitland Park, FL.

Here at AGI Windows & Doors, we want you to improve your home’s property value, especially if you are looking to put your house on the market. The average return on investment in replacing your roof is approximately 68%. So whether you are looking to sell now or later, you are boosting your home’s value overall. You will also be improving its curb appeal and increasing its energy efficiency. 

AGI Windows & Doors wants to free you from heartache and stress and allow you to enjoy all the attractions in Fruitland Park, FL. If you have any roofing concerns, find us online, call us at 407-813-3337 or take a tour of our showroom. The first estimate is always free, quick, and easy! 


We use four types of roofing materials at AGI Windows & Doors: tile, shingles, flat, and metal. Our trained roofers will determine what material best suits your home and needs. However, you have the final say in what material to use on your home. 

Tile – You may be familiar with tile roofing material if you live in Florida. Tile materials are durable. They are typically made out of colored concrete but they can also be made from terra cotta, fired clay, or slate. These materials can last up to 50 years. 

Shingles – Shingles are the most common type of roofing material. Asphalt or composition shingles last around 15 to 20 years. Fiber cement shingles are more durable and can last up to 25 years. 

Flat – Flat roofs are often seen on commercial buildings or modern homes, and they need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. However, this is entirely dependent on how well the underlayer and topcoat are installed. 

Metal – Metal roofing was once only found in tropical climates because of its durability. However, they are becoming more relevant and trendy. If metal roofs are installed correctly, and with quality materials, they can last 40 to 70 years.


Our first estimate is always free at AGI Windows & Doors! We will send a roofer out to your house to assess your damages and determine what you will need to fix the issues. If you decide to use our services, we will go over our recommendations, prices, and payment options. Our roofing company offers 100% financing through the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program for qualifying homeowners. 

PACE is a financing service that allows eligible homeowners to finance energy-saving home improvements through their property tax bills. If you qualify, you can add the cost of your roofing improvement to your property tax bill as an “assessment.” Depending on the financing agreement, you can pay it off over 10 to 30 years. The best part about the program is that since the debt is tied to your property rather than you, an individual, it transfers over to the next homeowner if you ever sell your home. Homeowners who qualify for the PACE program can also receive the following advantages: 

  • 100% Financing
  • No down payment
  • Low-interest rates
  • Approval not based on credit score
  • Fixed rates
  • Up to 30 years to repay
  • Up to 30 months before the first payment is due

For more information about the PACE program or other payment options, check out our website or give us a call at 407-813-3337

If you are in Lake county and need a new roof or just a few repairs, you know who to call, AGI Windows & Doors the highest quality roof company in Fruitland Park, FL. Let us take the hassle out of searching for roofers near you so that you can enjoy Fruitland Park, FL attractions stress-free!

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